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2020-01-21 21:36 Jan 05, 2019 seems I lost the kindle app, when I upgraded to windows 8. I've certainly lost the kindle icon, so I suppose I must install an uptodate version, specifically for windows 8. I have not been able to find a download on amazon or anywhere else. I've asked several experts, but so far without luck.

Send personal documents to your Kindle from your PC. When you download and install, Send to Kindle will appear when you right click on a file in Windows Explorer or in the print dialog of any Windows application. To send multiple documents to Kindle without opening them, simply select documents and choose Send to Kindle from the rightclick send to kindle app windows 8 But this is what DID work for me. I installed Send to Kindle on my Windows 10 PC and the copied ALL of the Send to Kindle files files from my Windows 8 PC and over wrote the files on my Windows 10 PC.

Dec 22, 2015 Kindle. for Windows 8 is an ebook reader and marketplace for Windows 8. leveraging the massive Amazon Kindle Store to provide you with any reading you may need. With over a million ebooks, the Kindle Store is the premiere ebooks market today. This app lets you purchase ebooks from the Kindle Store and view them on your Windows PC in a nice send to kindle app windows 8

Jan 17, 2012  How to use Send to Kindle for Windows You can get documents onto your Kindle by emailing it to yourself or connecting it to your computer. We'll show you an even easier way with the new Send Nov 28, 2018  Read Kindle books on Windows 8. If you cant find the store icon on the Start screen, rightclick to select All Apps. Rightclick Store and select Pin to make the Store show on the Start screen. Step 2: Search for Kindle on Windows 8 app store, select Amazon Kindle app and click download. Make sure there is a Microsoft (Windows) Send to Kindle for PC. Enter Amazons Sent to Kindle for PC. This program adds two features to Windows that let you quickly send any supported file from your computer to your Kindle device. This can be an actual Kindle device such as the Kindle Touch or Kindle Fire along with the Kindle apps for the iPad, iPhone, or Android devices. send to kindle app windows 8 However, these two indirect approaches both allowed me to importview PDF documents in the Kindle app: Copy or move the PDF file into your My Kindle Content folder, then relaunch the Kindle app. You can find the location of this folder through Tools menu Options Content. Open the PDF using the Kindle executable.

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