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2020-01-21 19:53 Feb 20, 2006 On a portable I 'inherited' I find a hidden folder C: \WINDOWS\CSC containing the folders d1 to d8. Total size just over 8 GB. I suppose they are synchronised data.

Feb 17, 2018 To delete the offline files in CSC Folder, you will first have to disable Offline Files. Then, you can change the permissions of the CSC Folder and its subfolders and delete them. Please refer to these steps to do so: Step 1: Disable the Offline Files. a. Open Sync Center and click on Manage Offline Files on the left. b. windows xp delete csc folder Dec 10, 2013  December 10, 2013 by Euclid Networks in Networking, SBS 2008, Windows 7, Windows Server, Windows XP Share this: As network support providers, we frequently come across come across scenarios where a computer on a business domain has a user profile that has old Offline File

Jan 16, 2013 Workstation has a folder and Both of these folders total up to 96 Gigs taking up huge space on my hd. windows xp delete csc folder

Jun 07, 2017 In Folder Options, on the Offline Files tab, press CTRLSHIFT, and then click Delete Files. The following message appears: The Offline Files cache on the local computer will be reinitialized. Any changes that have not been synchronized with computers on the network will be lost. Can I delete or remove the files located under the CSC Folder? I have a user that is running out of disk space, after careful analysis his C: Windows Folder is 21GB out of a possible 40GB HD. After i removed some program I saw that I had 2GB freed up. Oct 02, 2010  C: WindowsCSC folder. To see this folder you need to open Explorer Tools Folder Options View and then select the check button Show hidden filesfolders and unselect the one Hide protected operating system files. The structure of the folder varies based on the operating system. In Windows XP, CSC folder contains folders named d1, d2, windows xp delete csc folder Nov 30, 2011 The CSC folder, and any files and subfolders it contains, should not be modified directly; doing so can result in data loss and a complete breakdown of Offline Files functionality. 1. In Folder Options, on the Offline Files tab, press CTRLSHIFT, and then click Delete Files. Jan 13, 2005 The CSC folder is hidden by default and should not be modified in any way. [[The cached files are placed into these folders in binary form. The cache viewer reads the data from the folder structure and displays it in Jan 16, 2012 This time I quickly checked the size of the windows folder and it hit over 100GB. I knew this was my most likely culprit. After setting explorer to allow me to view Hidden& System filesfolders then I looked around and found out my CSC folder was chewing up over 103GB. Apr 30, 2018 Describes how to move the clientside caching (CSC) folder to a new location in Windows Vista or later versions of Windows. Also describes how to delete the old cache folder after you move the CSC cache folder to a new location.

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